[Dalian home cooking]_How to do_How to do

[Dalian home cooking]_How to do_How to do

Dalian is a coastal city, and it is also a popular tourist destination for Chinese people.

In addition to beautiful sea views, Dalian also has a wealth of seafood. Of course, if you go to Dalian people’s home, they will certainly create a variety of seafood meals to entertain guests.

So, what are the typical home-style dishes in Dalian?

The following will introduce you in detail.

First, braised sea cucumber is a home-cooked dish. Basically everyone in Dalian can make it.

The main point of this dish is that there must be enough scallions in the hot pot. The onion is the best. You must add oyster sauce to wrap the sea cucumber with thick juice to taste delicious.

Second, a large number of sea vegetables buns are on the market in the spring. Add a little shrimp skin and meat, steamed with steamed noodles and big buns with cornmeal. The taste is fresh and smooth.

Generally local Dalian people will pack a lot, because everyone loves it!

Third, garlic scallop steamed scallops This scallop is steamed together with shells and garlic and fans, as long as the scallops are fresh and the sauce is delicious!

Production technique: The fans are dry, so they must be soaked in order to be steamed on the scallops, but be careful not to fish them out too early when they are soaked.Fans look dry and don’t taste good.

Fourth, the salted fish cake should be said to be a mixed cuisine. To be honest, you can’t feel this deliciousness when you eat it separately. You can only feel it when you eat it together.

Salted fish is generally made from catfish in Dalian. The visceral cuts are usually marinated with soy sauce and allspice and marinated and then fried. At the same time, the cornmeal pancakes are also fried and eaten with a bite of salted fishIt’s so delicious!

There is also a method of stewing anchovies directly, pasting cornmeal pancakes on the side of the pot, and adding the soup slightly over the pancakes, but the pancakes will not be soaked.

Fifth, cabbage bran skin replaces Dalian wild jellyfish. Soak the salt and shred lightly the water. The cabbage is shredded with Shanghai wonton skin and garlic and other seasonings.

The important seasoning is that you must use vinegar and garlic. This dish is not an authentic cabbage peel.