New crown pneumonia treatment re-transmits good sounding plasma therapy (concept stock)

New crown pneumonia treatment re-transmits good sounding plasma therapy (concept stock)

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  Source: Global Finance, said author: Ding Publisher: Global Finance said that the new one week on, the fight against SARS good news has been heard, treatment options constantly updated progress carried out.

  Anti-malarial drugs re-enter the Multi-Enterprise Association. At the conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council on February 17, Sun Yanrong, deputy director of the Biological Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, pointed out that after clinical drug trials, chloroquine phosphate, which is a “new drug”, was used to treat the new crownPneumonia is effective.

  It is understood that chloroquine phosphate is an anti-tuberculosis drug that has been used for nearly 70 years. Based on clinical research carried out in previous clinical institutions, the results can distinguish the efficacy of chloroquine phosphate in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

  As a new application of old medicine, there are no drug-related, serious serious adverse reactions found in more than 100 patients who have been treated so far, and the safety of treatment for a wide range of people is controllable.

  Experts will, as soon as possible, replace chloroxylene phosphate with a new edition of the diagnosis and treatment guidelines to expand the scope of clinical application.

  As soon as the news came out, the Hong Kong stock pharmaceutical company Tongfang Kangtai (01312.
HK) changed intraday and kept rising straight at 3:30 in the afternoon.

  Finally closed, closed at 0.

230 burns / share, up 58.


  It is reported that on February 4th, formic acid Tongfang Kangtai announced that its indirect non-wholly owned subsidiary Chongqing Kangle Pharmaceutical has been recognized by the State Drug Administration as a unit producing raw material chlorocyanuric acid phosphate. The Consumer Products 杭州桑拿网 Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requested that it be restored as soon as possible.Production and manufacture of chloroquine phosphate.

  On February 4th, Tongfang Kangtai also started an upward trend, which once rose more than 100% to 0.

310 constructions / shares, closing up 53.


  There are also chloroquine phosphate related companies in the A shares.

* ST Hehua (000953.
SZ) wholly-owned subsidiary Nansong Kaibo is one of the major producers of chloroquine phosphate raw materials.

  On February 17, * ST Hehua revealed that its subsidiary Nansong Kaibo, as the main intermediate producer of chlorobiphenyl side chain and hydroxychlorothiophene side chain as the main intermediate of chlorobenzyl phosphate and hydroxychlorothiophene, has resumed work in advance.Reproduction.

  Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical (002317.
(SZ) Initially replied to the title of investor, the company has a production approval for “chloroquine phosphate tablets”, but no unproduced sales.

  A subsequent announcement on February 10 stated that the company applied for the company’s pharmaceuticals to resume production of chlorinated naphthalene phosphate tablets, changed to the “Approval for Drug Supplement Application” approved by the Guangdong Drug Administration, and that the company completed the work related to the resumed production of chloroquine phosphate tablets.

  In addition, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals (601607.
(SH) has stated that chloroquine phosphate is a marketed product and is mainly used as a strategic reserve for antimalarials.

  Huilong shares (002556.
SZ) has responded on the interactive platform. The m-chloroaniline produced by its holding company Haihua Technology is the raw material of chloroquine phosphate, and the annual production capacity of m-chloroaniline reaches 1,500 tons.

  It is reported that Cap Bio (300639.
SZ) Based on antiviral research of chloroquine phosphate, it has obtained national invention patent authorization and developed the drug “chloroquine phosphate gel”, which is currently undergoing clinical trials.

  In the evening of February 17, Essence Pharmaceuticals (002349.
SZ) said on the interactive platform that the company has raw materials and is organizing the production of chloroquine phosphate.

  Stimulated by this news, on February 17, * ST Hehua and Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical have closed at the daily limit and closed at 4 respectively.

64 yuan / share, 14.

56 yuan / share.

  Blood products-related bullish concept stocks tend to be rational. At the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism conference on February 17, there was another good news. Of the 11 critically ill patients who had been treated with plasma from rehabilitation patients, 1 has been discharged.One can walk down, and the rest are in the recovery period.

  As of 22:00 on February 17, there were still 10,644 critically ill patients nationwide, who were able to carry out the “Thousands of People Throwing Pulp to Save Thousands of People” operation in the whole society. The Ministry of Science and Technology will also cooperate with the Health and Health Commission to vigorously promote this.Work can be widely applied in clinical practice.

  The clinical news of the therapeutic new crown special duty-free product preparations originally originated in the evening of February 13th, the next day the concept of blood products opened up, Tiantan Biological, Weiguang Biological, Bohui innovation daily limit, Shanghai Lai Shi rose 9%.

  On February 16, the Temple of Heaven creature (600161.
(SH) The new crown virus-free plasma treatment was carried out in cooperation with the company’s controlling shareholder, China Biological, and related institutions.
  In addition, Tiantan Biological revealed that New Crown Virus Free Immunoglobulin is currently in the early stages of research and development, and there is uncertainty about subsequent research and development.

  Tiantan Biological said that the new coronavirus-free plasma therapy is not part of the company’s main business sample, and the market is becoming more rational. It may happen on February 17 and close at 37.

65 yuan / share, down 4.


  In the evening of February 15, Hualan Biological (002007.
(SZ) Official Weibo said that on the same day, with the support of Xinxiang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Hualan Biology and Xinxiang City Center Blood Station docked with new crown pneumonia recoverers who volunteered to donate blood plasma.

  After the collection, the virus is inactivated, and blood viral items, anti-new coronavirus antibodies, and other relevant quality tests are performed in accordance with relevant regulations. After all items have passed the test and successfully prepared exempt plasma for clinical treatment, they will be used.For clinical treatment of critically ill patients.

  Dongxing Securities said that the clinical application of the new coronavirus-free plasma is expected to become an excellent market education opportunity, which will quickly improve the doctors and patients’ awareness of blood products, especially the clinical application value of Jing Cing.The scope of clinical applications and the basis for increasing the increase in per capita use in China.

  Huaxi Securities said that the new crown epidemic has expanded the demand for blood products and reduced the supply of plasma collection. Blood products will usher in supplementary seeking. In the short term, it has shown reduced sales costs and extended account periods to increase profits. In the long term, it is likely to promote blood product prices.rise.
  Tianfeng Securities said that the new crown epidemic has brought a large demand for therapeutic blood products in the short term, which has boosted the statements of listed companies. However, in the medium and long term, attention should be paid to the continuous growth of plasma volume and it is optimistic that it has the potential for sustained plasma volume growth, A company that focuses on R & D and academic promotion.

  Essence Securities weighed that the emerging blood products industry continued to grow rapidly. Albumin was used to replace 80% of the market share, of which 7 listed companies (Tiantan, Hualan, Taibang, Rice, Weiguang, Shuanglin, Boya)Market share reached 79.


The epidemic situation has clearly boosted the demand for Jing C, and the prosperity of the blood products industry has increased.

  At the same time, there is another message that cannot be ignored.

On February 16th, the National Drug Evaluation and Approval Center announced that the generic drug fapivir obtained clinical drug approval.

  On February 17, Hisun Pharmaceutical (600267.)
(SH) The opening of the word board exceeded 1.2 million hands to seal the daily limit.

  It is obvious that the Syrian Redsivet concept stock is in full swing, including Botten (Rights) (300363.
SZ), Yongtai Technology (002326.
SZ), Borui Medicine (688166.
SH), Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical (603456.
SH), Xinghu Technology (600866).
(SH) and other continuous gains and stops. At present, they have all been accumulated and tend to be rational.

  But the newly added concept stock Hainan Haiyao (right protection) (000566.
SZ) The daily limit on the 17th.

The Air Force said in its announcement that Redecive had been successfully copied, but that the drug substance and preparation would not be used in the market.