[How to make baby food supplement soup]_Baby food supplement_How to make

[How to make baby food supplement soup]_Baby food supplement_How to make

The baby’s complementary food is usually best to drink some soup and porridge. These foods are more suitable for the baby, mainly because the baby’s stomach is weak, so the baby should eat some food that is easier to digest.

The best soup for your baby’s food supplement is vegetable soup and pork bone soup, especially bone soup is helpful for baby’s bone development, and can help your baby grow up healthy.

Vegetable broth material Onion 1 tomato 1 corn 1 apple 1 cabbage 1/4 grain 1 ingredients: Wash fruits and vegetables, remove the outer layer of cabbage, wash corn, apple, carrot and onion and drain waterServings, cut into cubes and set aside.

2 The method of vegetable broth is very simple. Put the vegetables you want to cook into the soup pot, add water to the piled ingredients, turn off the small heat and add the lid after the high heat.Just scent it.

3 Take a soup pot and add water, add ingredients and cook over medium high heat until boiling, then change to low heat and cook for about 2?
After 3 hours, remove the ingredients from the pan and filter out the scum in the broth.

4 Boiled out is golden broth.

After leaving to cool, pour it into the ice box and add it to the freezer to freeze.

5 After the soup is cold, you can divide it into small containers and put it in the freezer to make broth briquettes. When you want to cook porridge in the future, just take a portion and cook it!

Pork bone broth material: pork bones, 4 onions, 1/4 carrots, 1/2 ginger, 5 slices of oil on a fishing net, 1 method, boil water and add pork bones, and remove hot water and impurities from Sichuan 2Rinse and add ginger to the pot.


Onion 3, boil the high heat in step 2 and use the fishing net to remove the impurities.