[How to judge whether the eggs are spoiled_How to judge whether the eggs are spoiled]

[How to judge whether the eggs are spoiled_How to judge whether the eggs are spoiled]

Eggs are a kind of food that many people like to eat, but for eggs, it is very easy to break if they are not preserved. They will deteriorate even if they are stored in the refrigerator, so be sure to know the shelf life of the eggs andKeep the temperature, try not to put it in a place with a relatively high temperature. Otherwise, it will have a higher chance of becoming spoiled. Once you find that the eggs you bought have spoiled, you can’t absorb it anymore.

1. Symptoms of spoiled eggs Open the eggs and find that the yolks are scattered. The egg whites and egg yolks are mixed together, or if they have moldy or rancid odor, they can no longer be eaten. This is the most direct way to determine whether the eggs are spoiled.

Sunlight transmission: Hold the egg in a circular shape with your left hand and place the egg at the round end. The fresh egg is reddish, translucent, and the outline of the yolk is clear, dark and opaque or stained.Deterioration.

Test with cold water: If the egg lies flat in the water, it is very fresh; if it is tilted in the water, it has been placed at least 3?
It’s been 5 days; if it is standing upright in the water, it may be left for 10 days. If it floats on the surface of the water, the egg may have deteriorated.

A layer of hoarfrost is attached to the eggshell of fresh eggs. The eggshell is bright in color and has obvious air holes, otherwise it is stale eggs.

Shake the eggs gently with your hands. The ones without sound are fresh eggs, and the ones with water are Chen eggs.

2. Can I still eat the eggs?
Generally speaking, eggs that are scattered yellow are inedible, because there may be many kinds of scattered yellow. For health reasons, we will not eat some scattered yellow eggs.

This is also a guarantee for your body.

, The health function of eggs 3.

1. It can delay the aging of old eggs. It contains almost all the nutrients that the human body needs. One of the longevity experiences of long-lived elderly is that they must eat one egg every day.

Many health medicinal diets spread in Chinese folk are also inseparable from eggs.

For example, after processing eggs into salted eggs, the calcium content will increase significantly, about 10 times that of fresh eggs, which is especially convenient for those who want to add calcium.


2. American nutritionists and medical workers who prevent arteriosclerosis use eggs to prevent atherosclerosis, and have achieved surprising results. They extract lecithin from eggs, walnuts, and pig liver, and eat them every day for cardiovascular patients.4-6 tablespoons.

After 3 months, the patient’s serum and plasma decreased significantly, and satisfactory results were obtained.


3, can prevent cancer Vitamin B2 rich in eggs, vitamin B2 can break down and oxidize carcinogens in the human body.

Trace elements in eggs, such as selenium and zinc, also have anti-cancer effects.

Analysis of human cancer mortality worldwide found that cancer mortality is inversely proportional to selenium intake.